Share Holders

ESB is being run by three directors namely:
  1. Encik Mohamad Khir Abdul Razak
    He holds a Diploma in Banking from Institute Technology Mara (now known as University (i) Technology MARA) and has been involved in the business since its inception. He was previously a Marketing Personnel of Nestle Nutritional Products Bhd. With his marketing experience developed from his previous employment, his vision and hard work, ESB has emerged from a virtually unknown company to a well respected and well managed company in its line of business.

    Encik Mohamad Khir’s well planned marketing and sales strategy coupled with quality goods supplied by ESB is epitomized by the increasing number of clienteles over the years.

  2. Puan Norbani Ismail
    She holds a Diploma in Banking Studies from Institute Technology MARA (now known as University (i) Technology MARA ). She is the HR/Finance Director of ESB and is responsible of the company’s administration, account and other office related duties.

  3. Haji Ismail Pachee , PPN , PJK
    He holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree from UNAS (Indonesia). Haji Ismail is the Chairman of ESB and at time assist Encik Mohamad Khir in procuring clients.
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